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Кумандинцы Алтайского края приняли участие в выставке-ярмарке «Сокровища Севера. Мастера и художники России 2023»

31/07/2023 10:16 - 10:16

Барнаул | Дом народов Алтайского края

From April 28 to May 2, 2023, the XVIII International Exhibition-Fair “Treasures of the North. Masters and Artists of Russia 2023” took place in Moscow. More than 500 representatives of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, Siberia, and the Far East from 25 regions of the Russian Federation participated in it.
On the main exhibition platform of the country, VDNH, 70 ethnic cultural public organizations displayed their exhibits. Here, achievements in the economic, social, and cultural development of different regions were presented, as well as unique examples of traditional activities of indigenous small-numbered peoples of Russia.
The exhibition-fair is a platform for cooperation between representatives of various nations and ethnic groups of Russia, promotes interpenetration and mutual enrichment of cultures of small-numbered peoples. It provides an opportunity to get the most complete picture of the modern development of culture and applied art of the indigenous peoples of Russia.
This year, the Kumandin delegation of the Altai Regional Public Organization of “Toreen Cher” (Homeland), with the assistance of the Government of the Altai Territory, participated in the exhibition-fair. An exposition was presented that acquainted visitors to the exhibition with the Altai Territory and the indigenous small-numbered people of the Altai Territory – Kumandins. Visitors were presented with Kumandin national clothing, products of applied art masters, artistic and methodological literature in Kumandin language, published as part of the implementation of the state program of the Altai Territory “Implementation of State National Policy in the Altai Territory”. The Altai Territory exposition was awarded a special prize of the exhibition-fair “Treasures of the North. Masters and Artists of Russia 2023”.
The national cuisine of the Kumandins was presented at the competition “National Cuisine of the Peoples of the North”, where a special prize “For the uniqueness of traditional cuisine” was awarded to the member of the delegation from the Altai Territory, Nina Alexandrovna Kukhtuekova.
Participation in the XVIII International Exhibition-Fair “Treasures of the North. Masters and Artists of Russia 2023” proved to be an invaluable experience of interacting with the culture and art of other small-numbered peoples of Russia.