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24HR FOR HUMANITY – Connectathon

22/09/2022 16:00 - 23/09/2022 15:00

Ljubljana | Grad

We will gather for 24 hours to explore the concept of ecocivilisation from a number of different perspectives. Each hour of the event will be hosted by a different entity. This is a proof-of-concept event, in anticipation of a recurring event on every equinox and solstice.


To co-create the future we want to live into.


Thursday, September 22, 2022 at two pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). We have selected the equinox for its deep connection with most traditional cultures as a time of transition and celebration. It also reminds us of the global and cyclical nature of the life of our species and that of others, which are two key concepts relevant to ecocivilisation.


The gathering will take place online and offline at a number of physical locations across the globe. Anyone who would like to create a physical gathering is welcome to do so and maybe tune-in to share the inspirations or agreed actions. Anyone can join the online event, provided they agree to adhere to the principles, guidelines and values.


The online Connectathon will span across 24-hours with every hour hosted by a different person, group, organisation or network. We will make use of ecocivilisation’s zoom for the duration and will allow for a five minute transition time between hosts. This transition time is included in each hour.

Each host will be given as much freedom as possible within their 55 minute segment with regards to what they wish to contribute and facilitate, such as round table discussions, presentations and workshops around an ecocivilisation relevant topic. Each host will also be given a “circle” (i.e. a group) on the online platform we will be using for this particular event, where attendees can connect with each other and continue the discussions initiated during the connectathon.

Each one-hour segment will be recorded and made available for viewing after the event, and the online circles will remain open for as long as the participants wish to make use of them.


The Ecocivilisation Network will be the official host of this event and will provide the zoom room that we will share. Social Systems Lab will provide the platform (co:do) that will allow attendees to find each other and connect, either directly or through the circle set up for this event. The planning and moderation of the event are further being supported by Hack Humanity and by SRG Journeys. More contributors are to be announced.

24hr for Humanity