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Honouring our Languages Gathering, Bringing our Languages Home

03/10/2023 7:30 - 04/10/2023 16:30

Winnipeg | Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site of Canada

Hosted by Indigenous Languages of Manitoba, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the strength and survival of our Indigenous languages. We are committed to maintaining the interconnectedness of culture and language, which have been severely impacted by the Indian Act, residential schools, colonialism, and intergenerational trauma. The importance of preserving and promoting these languages is key to strengthening a sense of identity and belonging in everyday life.

Our gathering supports, strengthens and celebrates our Indigenous languages and our theme Bringing Our Languages Home focuses on strengthening and reintegrating the languages back into our homes and communities. Our goal is to provide all participants with meaningful and sustainable approaches to help them further language learning, teaching, and retention in the home, communities, and classrooms.

Sessions and workshops will look like:

– Language Nests

– MAP (Mentor-Apprentice Program)

– Elder Guidance

– Youth Involvement

– Traditional Parenting

– Identity

– Cultural Connection

– Existing Community Immersion Programs

– Interactive Workshops