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Karelian National media portal “Oma Media” (omamedia.ru) has been online for three years now

During this time more than 6,000 news articles and more than 700 articles in Karelian, Veps, Finnish and Russian languages have been published on the site.

In its materials the portal tells about life in Karelia. “Statistics show that our news is read not only in Russia, but also abroad,” said Mikhail Nezvitsky, editor—in-chief of the portal.

In addition to news content on the site, you can find videos telling about the culture of Karelians and Veps, as well as online language courses.

The portal is constantly developing: now two new sections are being prepared for the opening – Oma Radio and Oma Video.

“It will be possible to listen podcasts in Karelian, Vepsian and Finnish on Oma Radio,” said the general director of the Publishing House “Periodica” Natalia Sinitskaya.

In the Oma Video section, visitors of the portal will be able to get acquainted with the publishing house’s video projects, such as KV-show and Kuki-Rikku, and watch videos provided by partners: the Union of the Karelian People and the Veps Culture Society.