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Let’s Sing All Our Favorite Songs Together

The Omsk House of Friendship has launched a new project called “Let’s Sing All Our Favorite Songs Together”. It is designed for people of all ages who love listening to songs and those who love to sing themselves. Creative evenings are held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The audience of each program becomes full-fledged participants in the creative meeting and can demonstrate their vocal abilities both in choir and solo performances. Guests and project participants together perform songs in the languages of the multinational Omsk Priirtyshye. Each program becomes a kind of “benefit” for a unique amateur collective that has earned the love and recognition of many connoisseurs of folk art.


So,  in November 2023, one of the first interactive programs was held with the participation of the folk vocal ensemble “Gorlitsa”. The program featured popular songs such as “Chamomiles Hid”, “Vologda”, “Ivushki” and “Where the Maple Rustles”. And the special guest of the program was the honored cultural worker of the Omsk region, soloist of the State Academic Omsk Russian Folk Choir Valery Podvorny.


In December 2023, Ukrainian evenings “Nese Galya Water” were held with the participation of such creative groups as the folk choir of Ukrainian song “Siri Klin”, the folk ensemble of Ukrainian song “Zoryanitsya”, and the vocal ensemble “Khutorok”. The guest of the program was the famous vocal group of Ukrainian song “Vodohray”.


Ahead of the residents of Omsk are new meetings and favorite melodies.