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Media Hour “The sound of the native language of the Nivkh”

10/07/2022 12:00 - 13:00

urban - type settlement of Smirnykh | Municipal Budgetary Cultural Institution "Smirnykhovskaya Centralized Library System"

Within the framework of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, librarians of the Children’s Library held a media hour “The sound of the native language of the Nivkhs”. Russian Russian students from the sports school were told about the first Russian expeditions to Sakhalin and the acquaintance of Russian travelers with the nivkhs, their craft and customs. The children watched the video “Nivkhi Sakhalin”. At the book exhibition with the same name, they could get acquainted with literature about the craft, life and culture of the Sakhalin nivkhs. The children tried to read poems in the Nivkh language, tried to draw ornaments and watched cartoons “Kyg-kyg” and “Shaman” in the Nivkh language.