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Amazonie Immersive

01/05/2022 11:00 - 19:00

Paris | Fondation Goodplanet

Each culture has different celebrations and symbologies, and all of them know the importance of each one for the well-being of the whole, of the whole. We must join forces, understand that we are all brothers, we are children of the Earth, that she and everything that lives on her deserve respect, as we are all connected, linked in an interaction where the action of one impacts the life of the other, even if the other in question is miles away from us.

Discover the Amazonian universe through a unique artistic collection presenting the works of Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros with the Yankatu tree and its 1000 threads of Buriti, bearer of the message of union and collective consciousness, the famous cocar chair or the Kaupuna swing, the first work made by indigenous women and men.

The photographer Renato Soares and the filmmaker Guilherme Meneghelli will show you current images of the Amazon and its communities.

Tiago Ishiyama, 8ou80, will bring the Brazilian urban vision by presenting the animals of the forest in a new collection.

– 11H00-19H00 Ethical store of impact products (handicrafts, cosmetics, food 100% natural / organic). The sale will support indigenous causes and producers involved.

Déco Brésil brings together people who are sensitive to the beauty of the universe that can be composed around you, for your well-being, by illuminating your interior with meaningful creations. Déco Brésil is a French company that positions itself as the link between the producers of Brazilian impact products (art/crafts, organic food & organic cosmetics) and the European consumer, ensuring that the wealth returns to the communities that produced it.

Déco Brésil is part of the Origens Brasil network, responsible for ethical and sustainable trade on 25% of the Amazon.

We will make you taste Amazonian flavors throughout the day with for example a tonka bean infusion and chocolate.

The sale of the products will support indigenous and extractivist causes.

– 15H-16H00 Film-Conference with the leader Nui Huni Kuin on the regenerative systems of the Amazon rainforest, sharing knowledge, songs and wisdoms: Immerse yourself in the Amazon listening to the leader’s testimony and exchanging with him, watching unseen images captured by Floresta TV. All this while being connected with the world on the Betreat Virtual Events application.

Confirmed for the round table: Mathilde Everaere (President O Organismo), Paul Sepaniak (President Amazon Immersive), Theo Roblot (Director Betreat Virtual Events), Tapo Aloike (Les Humanités), Taneyulime (Aukae), Guilherme Meneghelli  (Founder Floresta TV & O Organismo)

16h00 – 17h00 Film-Conference-LIVE with the leader Txana Nui Huni Kuin – unification of networks, cultures and peoples to activate collective regeneration in shared networks. A face-to-face exchange connected with the world via impact guests in LIVE conversation and FlorestaTV images.

Confirmed for the presential round table: Mathilde Everaere (President O Organismo), Tapo Aloike (Les Humanités), Taneyulime (Aukae), Hélène Tyssman (Terre Anima), Guilherme Meneghelli  (Founder Floresta TV & O Organismo)

Confirmed live guests: Arnaud Riou (Terre Anima), Fred Human, Lucas (Com Txai)

– 17H15-18H15 Concert for peace and the union of peoples

Txana Nui Huni Kuin, medicine man, singer and leader of the group Txana Ury, in the Acre region of the Amazon, will share with us a series of traditional songs of the Huni Kuin people, in resonance with the peace and unity that this people advocates at the heart of its traditions and practices.

Traditional songs

DJ mix of Huni Kuin music clips

Musical and dance JAM

Free event: a solidarity contribution to support the community Igarapé do Caucho (Acre, Amazon) of the leader Txana Nui Huni Kuin will be possible